Vision for the Filipino Youth – “Enabled, involved and patriotic youth realizing their aspirations.”
Agency Vision – “NYC envisions itself as the voice and advocate of the youth.”


“To promote sustainable developmental policies and programs for and with the Filipino Youth.”

NYC Core Values 

The following are the core values of the Commission:

a) INTEGRITY – We shall be honest in all our dealings and transactions, adhering to moral principles and character. We shall be ruled with righteousness at all times be it in our decisions or actions; demonstrating mutual respect and trust in others.

b) RESPECT – We shall regard everyone, in our words and actions, with high esteem and courtesy, understanding where our rights end and someone else’s begin.

c) EQUALITY – We shall not discriminate by word or conduct, anyone on account of personality, physical appearance, race, perceived economic status, gender, political and religious beliefs.

d) DISCIPLINE – We shall act with strength of character and self-control in accordance with rules and norms.

e) EXCELLENCE- We shall constantly undertake our tasks with highest standards not setting for anything less.

f) TEAMWORK – We shall remain united, loyal and committed; acting together with dynamism working toward a shared responsibility in the interest of the common good.

g) GOD-CENTEREDNESS – We shall glorify and revere the Almighty God. We offer to Him all that we are and all that we do; and submit ourselves to His will.

NYC Mandate

Republic Act No. 8044, otherwise known as the “Youth in Nation Building Act of 1995”, provides that the NYC shall be the policy-making coordinating body of all youth-related institutions, programs, projects and activities of the government. (Section 6)

Section 8 of the same Act provides further NYC’s objectives, as follows: a) to provide the leadership in the formulation of policies and in the setting of priorities and direction of all youth promotion and development programs and activities; b) to encourage wide and active participation of the youth in all governmental and non-governmental programs, projects and activities affecting them; c) to harness and develop the full potential of the youth as partners in nation-building; and d) to supplement government appropriations for youth promotion and development with funds from other sources.

Definition of Youth
Youth is defined as those belonging to the age range of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) years old. (Section 4a)

NYC is also tasked with seventeen (17) functions that include policy formulation & review, establishment of a consultative mechanism for dialogue with youth, linkaging with government and non-government organizations both at the national & international levels, support to youth and youth-serving organizations, and provision of training and national secretariat for the Sangguniang Kabataan National Federation (SKNF). (Section 10)

Related Laws/Policies
Executive Order No. 438 (series of 2005) also provides for the NYC to monitor implementation of the Medium-Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP) 2005-2010, in coordination with concerned agencies.

Furthermore, Executive Order No. 788 directs NYC to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Youth National Service.

In March 2009, Executive Order No. 795 attached the NYC from the Office of the President to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Organizational Outcome and Major Final Output

Related to the agency goals, NYC set its target Organizational Outcome (OO) of improving the coordination of government actions for the development of the youth.

The service or output being provided by the agency to realize its outcome is centered on the provision of youth development policy advisory and advocacy.

Agency Goals

For its long-term objectives, NYC took on a thematic approach in formulating its updated agency goals, that are now focused on two (2) major areas of youth concern – youth participation to disaster risk reduction and management councils and improvement of youth in agriculture services/programs and projects. Given this, the two NYC goals to be pursued are:

1) Institutionalization of youth participation in disaster risk reduction and management councils; and
2) Increased accessibility and availability of youth in agriculture programs and services.

As a youth-centered agency:

  • We advocate policies on youth protection and participation;
  • We build and sustain partnerships and networks; and
  • We foster youth participation in community development and good governance.”