What is the NYP?
The NYP is a 3-day convention of youth leaders every two years wherein policy
recommendations are formulated to address youth issues. These recommendations may also
serve as the government’s guide in policy formulation and program development.

The convening of the NYP is provided under Sec. 13 of Republic Act No. 8044, otherwise
known as the “Youth Nation-Building Act of 1995”.
Under the said provision, “the Youth Parliament shall meet at the call of the National
Youth Commission (NYC)… delegates shall be chosen by the NYC taking into consideration equal
and geographical representation among men and women…”

The Parliament shall seek to attain the following:
 Crafting of policy recommendations to address issues facing the youth sector;
 Validating national and local youth issues;
 Creating a pool of youth advocates.

As youth advocates after the Parliament, the delegates are encouraged to:
 Actively participate in youth programs, projects, and activities;
 Raise awareness of fellow youth on issues affecting the sector;
 Make a difference in their localities;
 Coordinate with NYC regarding initiatives, feedback on youth concerns in your area.

Qualification of Delegates
 Filipino citizen, between 15 to 30 years old;
 Of good moral character;
 Must not have been a member of the previous Youth Parliaments;
 Willing to volunteer his/her time, expertise and talents in the service of the Filipino youth through the NYC network for two (2) years.

 Food and accommodation will be provided by the National Youth Commission for the
duration of the Parliament only.
 Traveling/transportation expenses from place of origin to the venue and back, including
incidental expenses shall be borne by the participants, or his/her sponsoring
 No registration fees required.

It is essential that parliamentarians have a particular youth issue to advance and with
the corresponding policy recommendations to address it.

Application to the remaining 13th NYP-Cluster Assemblies are now open!

The National Youth Commission, through the Office of Commissioner Laurence Diestro, will be conducting the 2022 National Youth Parliament- Cluster Assemblies in all the remaining clusters!
The activity aims to:
* Gather active Filipino Youth to participate and engage in the 2022 NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT – CLUSTER ASSEMBLY;
* Discuss relevant issues concerning the Youth in the cluster; and to
* Formulate policy recommendations.
* Must be 15 – 30 years old as of July 18, 2022;
* Must not be a previous NYP Delegate;
* Preferably a member of a YORP registered organization/National Youth Volunteer Program;
* Must be actively involved in NYC activities, programs, and projects;
* Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (for face to face cluster assembly); &
* Must be a Filipino Citizen.
* Duly accomplished Application Form;
* Duly accomplished NYC COVID-19 Liability Form;
* Submission of sample proposed bills;
* Duly filled out committee preference questionnaire;
* Proof of Residency and Birth (any government-issued ID/student/company ID);
* Photocopy of any certificate received from any NYC Activities/Projects/Programs (if available);
* Photocopy of YORP/NYVP passports (if available).
Remember to apply based on the regions and clusters!
For contact details per cluster, visit https://nyc.gov.ph/contact-us/
REMINDER: Only those who will participate in the NYP Regional Cluster Assemblies will be able to apply and participate in the NYP National Assembly.