Date of Posting: January 14, 2022


Position Title Item Number Deadline Place of Assignment Salary Grade / Compensation Employment Status
Presidential Staff Officer 1 NYCB-PSO1-35-2017 January 31, 2022 NYC Central Office – Social Marketing Division – Communications Unit SG-11 (Php 23, 877.00) Permanent
Administrative Aide IV NYCB-ADA4-37-2017 January 31, 2022 NYC Central Office – Administrative and Finance Division – Records Unit SG-4 (Php 14, 400.00) Permanent
Administrative Aide IV NYCB-ADA4-33-2017 January 31, 2022 NYC Central Office – Admin and Finance Division – Cashier Unit SG-4 (Php 14, 400.00) Permanent
Legal Assistant I NYCB-LEA1-22-2017 November 21, 2021 NYC Central Office – Office of the Executive Director and COO (Legal Affairs Unit) SG-10 (Php 21, 250.00) Permanent
Presidential Staff Officer VI NYCB-PSO6-26-2017 November 30, 2021 NYC Central Office – Social Marketing Division SG 24 (Php 86,742.00) Permanent

To view the qualification standards and other details of the position, please click the corresponding item numbers of the position.

Qualified applicants may apply online by sending their application to along with the following documents on or before the set deadline.

  • Application Letter addressed to RONALD GIAN CARLO L. CARDEMA, Commissioner-In-Charge, Chairperson and CEO;
  • Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet with Work Experience Sheet;
  • Copy of relevant trainings/ seminars attended; and
  • Transcript of Record / Diploma

Note: Interested and qualified applicants regardless of gender, disability civil status, ethnicity, religion, etc. may apply.  Applicants are also advised to use the following format/code as subject in sending the application:

Surname/First name/MI_(Place of Assignment)_(Position)

Request for extension of submission and application with incomplete documents will not be entertained.