Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth
JENESYS is a people-to-people exchange program between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region launched by the
Japanese Government. JENESYS 2019 Student Conference, conducted last February 2020,  consists of INBOUND Program from Asia-Pacific region and OUTBOUND program to Asia-Pacific region. The program aims at promoting mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan and the Asia-Pacific region and building a basis for future friendship and cooperation by these INBOUND
and OUTBOUND programs. It also encourages an understanding and dissemination of Japan’s economics, society, history, diverse culture, politics and diplomatic relations.

Asian Youth Development Program in Okinawa
This is a 20 day program in Okinawa. 55 high school students will gather from 14 different Asian countries and they
interact each other by learning and understanding environment related issues. During this program, the participants only use English and there are 13 Okinawan high school students who have been elected to attend this program.

Asian International Children’s Film Festival in Japan
The contest aims is to encourage students from high schools all over Asia to interpret and capture in film a theme
of the year. Participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible in their films. They are free to experiment on format and genre as long as the film’s main content remains true to the central theme of the festival.

ASEAN – Korea Future Oriented Youth Exchange Program
The program aims to further deepen mutual understanding among the youth of ASEAN and Korea through various
themes such as Asian multi-culturalism and mutual cooperation between Korea youth and ASEAN nations.

ASEAN – Korea Frontier Forum
The program aims to provide a multicultural platform where young generations from ASEAN and Korea can discuss ways to promote ASEAN- Korea cooperation and build a strong friendship.

Youth Camp Asia’s Future Korea
The Youth Camp for Asia's Future is an invitational international exchange program that brings together
distinguished youths from 24 countries in Asia. For the past ten years, it has provided a platform for youths from
diverse backgrounds and cultures to converge and participate in constructive and enriching cultural exchange.

Philippine – Korea Bilateral Youth Exchange
The program aims to provide cultural experiences of Korean domesticity and enhance Filipino understanding about
Korean culture through homestay program and site visits.

Program Development and Operation Enhancement for Teenager Policies and Activities in South Korea
The program has been designed to capacitate the participants in planning and implementing teenager activities for
balanced growth and to establish various strategic teenager policies to support youth. It aims to introduce
teenager policies, training facilities, and various experiences related to Korea youth activities. Likewise, this training
will enable the participants to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and principles for planning long-term strategy of youth activity program in their home countries.

K-Beauty Vocational Training for ASEAN Young Women
The K-Beauty project aims to provide a Korean beauty vocational training to selected women in ASEAN states, who
want to improve their career in beauty business in a relatively short time. The trainee will take eight weeks training for an intensive K-Beauty program which will enhance their skills both in practice and business.

ASEAN – China Youth Exchange
The program aims to provide opportunities to young people from the ASEAN Member States and China to
cultivate community awareness as future leaders of the global society. The program also aims to provide a venue
where delegates can have an exchange of ideas and experiences about China and ASEAN’s history, culture, and
tourism that will contribute in strengthening and deepening ASEAN and China’s strategic partnership. Activities during the program will include seminars, workshops, art and cultural performances, and visits in temple sites.

ASEAN – China Youth Summer Camp
The Summer Camp is catered for university students mainly from ASEAN Member States and China, where they will have good opportunity to explore China and the Chinese culture through a wide mix of interactive activities, be
immersed in daily classes of cultural activities, as well as interaction with other students from various member
states. The activities under the Summer Camp program will further the understanding and mutual respect
between the youths, enable them to experience the charming and diverse cultures and arts of different nations,
promote the connectivity and blend of cultures and arts, thus contribute to the building of a closer ASEN-China
community of shared future.

ASEAN Youth Leaders Training Program in China
The program aims to promote the ASEAN youth’s leadership in entrepreneurship and further deepen
the youth communication and cooperation among China and ASEAN countries by studying China’s policies
on mass entrepreneurship and case studies on start-up education, providing entrepreneurial skills training, visiting
and participating short-term internship in youth business incubators and start- up enterprises.