• Online application only.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on how to apply. The NYC will not be responsible for incomplete applications.
  • Please read this briefer first before asking questions.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) and the Embassy of Japan in Manila, opens the application to the JENESYS2022 Inbound Program Batch 46 Japan-ASEAN History of Development Cooperation which will be held on 25-31 January 2023 in Tokyo and other local areas in Japan. The program at promoting mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region and building a basis for future friendship and cooperation. It also encourages an understanding of Japan’s economy, society, history, diverse culture, politics, and diplomatic relations.

NYC will be sending 10 Filipino youth to the program.

Qualifications for Youth Delegates:

Must be Enrolled Filipino Undergraduate or Graduate students.

18-35 years old

With good communication skills in English

Philippine passport holder (valid until July 31, 2023)

Has never been to Japan

Mentally and physically fit to travel, must not be pregnant

Must be able to attend the Online Pre-Exchange Program via Zoom

Must be willing to be an NYC volunteer or to participate in post-program activities


  • Accomplished NYC International Programs’ Application via Google Form
  • Certification from College Secretary or Dean or proof of enrollment (school registration form is also accepted)
  • Scanned copy of Philippine passport with data and blank page (valid until July 31, 2023)
  • Vaccination card with 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccine (if vaccine is Sinovac, 4 doses are required)


  • Delegates will shoulder their personal expenses including passport, vaccination, and proof of negative Covid-19 test, purchase of souvenirs personal goods during the program, travel insurance, hospitalization and other incidental expenses.
  • Delegates will shoulder their travel expenses from their residence (province) to NAIA and back, as well as their accommodation in Manila for the pre-departure briefing.
  • The organizer will shoulder the delegates’ international airfare (Manila-Tokyo-Manila), meals, accommodation, and local transportation in Japan

The following are automatically disqualified:

1. Participants of NYC-coordinated international programs from February 22, 2017 until the present whose airfare, accommodation, and meals were paid for by the organizer;

2. Participants of NYC-coordinated international programs from February 22, 2019 until the present whose airfare was shouldered by the participants and whose accommodation and meals were paid for by the organizer;

3. NYC International Programs Beneficiaries who have not completed their volunteer work hours.

4. JENESYS, KIZUNA, and SSEAYP Alumni. Alumni of all Japanese Government-sponsored (Japan Embassy, Japan Foundation, JICA, etc.) scholarship, conference or cultural exchange or training programs. Applicants who have been to Japan, whether as a student, tourist or an OFW.

5. Previous NYC International Programs Beneficiaries who have not submitted or accomplished the required post-program obligations or volunteer work.

6. Incomplete requirements; follow up requirements would not be entertained once passed deadline.

How to apply:

  • Online applications only via Google Form
  • Do not submit multiple forms. Please review your entries before submitting the form
  • Applicants are advised to strictly follow the instructions for submission

Deadline on November 23, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.


  • Please send all queries to with subject heading “Query: JENESY2022 BATCH46”.
  • The NYC reserves the right not to respond to questions which answers are already stated in this briefer or in the online application form.
  • Do not send multiple application.
  • Follow up requirements won’t be entertained. Please double check the completeness of your documents before submitting the google form.