• Online submissions only (via google form)
  • Please carefully read the instructions on how to apply.
  • Please read this briefer first before asking questions.

To mark the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations and China-ASEAN sustainable development this year, the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) will hold “Cloud Lectures” on China-ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurship under the framework of “Bridge of Future” China-ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program on September 22-24, 2021 via offline (Chinese participants) and online (ASEAN participants). The program aims to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for young entrepreneurs and youth who are willing to start their own business, and help them seize the developing opportunities and jointly work for common development.

The program includes lectures on entrepreneurship such as analysis on hot topics, macro environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, economic & trade policies, entrepreneurship proposal, business evaluation, financing, stock rights, business canvas, entrepreneurship stories and program roadshows.

The NYC will be nominating 30 Filipino youth delegates.

Qualifications for Youth Delegates:

  • Filipino youth entrepreneurs currently residing in the Philippines, who are willing to start a business
  • 15-30 years old
  • Has a good command of written and spoken English
  • Have relevant acquaintance of entrepreneurship, and currently have entrepreneurship project or plan
  • With Philippine passport or PSA-issued birth certificate (to verify citizenship)
  • Must be willing to be an NYC volunteer or to comply with post-program activities
  • Must be able to attend the pre-program orientation with NYC International Programs Unit secretariat and participate in the whole duration of the program via online


  • Fill up the NYC International Programs’ Online Application Form (via google form) completely and accurately.
  • Scanned copy of valid passport or scanned copy of PSA-issued birth certificate (upload via google form)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (upload via google form)


  • Delegates will be responsible for setting up their own laptop/computer for the online video conference and must ensure a stable internet connectivity throughout the duration of the program.

The following are automatically disqualified:

1. Participants of NYC-coordinated international programs from September 22,  2016 until the present whose airfare, accommodation, and meals were paid for by the organizer;

2. Participants of NYC-coordinated international programs from September 22, 2018 until the present whose airfare was shouldered by the participants and whose accommodation and meals were paid for by the organizer;

3. NYC International Programs Beneficiaries who have not completed their volunteer work hours.

5. Previous NYC International Programs Beneficiaries who have not submitted or accomplished the required post-program obligations or volunteer work.

6. Incomplete requirements; follow up requirements would not be entertained once passed deadline.

How to apply:

  • ONLINE APPLICATIONS ONLY (via google form):
  • Do not submit multiple forms. Please review your entries before submitting the form.
  • Applicants are advised to strictly follow the instructions for submission.
  • Deadline for submission is 12:00 p.m. / September 10, 2021 (Friday).


  • Please send all queries to with subject heading “Query: Cloud Lectures 2021”
  • The NYC reserves the right not to respond to questions which answers are already stated in this briefer or in the online application form.
  • Do not send multiple application.