• Filipino citizen, single, must be 18 to 30 years old as of 30 March 2020
  • Must be of good moral character and has no criminal record
  • Must be proficient in the English language, which is the medium used in the program
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to travel
  • Must be a resident of the place of representation for at least six (6) months and a registered voter at the time of application
  • Preferably an active member of a youth organization or youth-serving organization which is primarily concerned with socio-civic causes, for at least one (1) year at the time of application
  • Must have a strong background in Philippine history, geography, culture and arts and the region to be represented
  • Must be knowledgeable on current issues about the Philippines, Japan, other ASEAN Member States, and other international concerns
  • Preferably a first-time international traveler
  • Must not have been a grantee or recipient of any NYC-coordinated international program, wherein the round-trip airfare, food and accommodation were borne by the organizer/s, at least five (5) years immediately preceding the date of application
  • Must not have been a grantee or recipient of any NYC-coordinated international program, wherein the round-trip airfare was shouldered by the participants, at least two (2) years immediately preceding the date of application
  • Must be willing to take a leave of absence from school or work and complete all trainings and activities before, during and after the program, with the following timeframe:
Pre-departure Training July 2020
Pre-departure Activities September – October 2020
Cruise October – December 2020
Post-Program Evaluation December 2020
  1. One (1) copy of duly accomplished application form with a passport-sized photo.  Photo should have a white background, original and not scanned, and taken within the last six (6) months
  2. One (1) copy of the applicant’s resumé (maximum of three pages; no other attachments)
  3. One (1) original copy of the Certificate of Residency issued by the Punong Barangay where the applicant is currently residing
  4. One (1) original copy of an authenticated Birth Certificate from PSA
  5. One (1) photocopy of a Voter’s Identification Card (ID) or one (1) original copy of a voter’s certification from COMELEC
  6. One (1) photocopy of valid passport (bio page and back page). Passport must be valid until 25 June 2021 (6 months after the end of the program).
  7. For applicants who are members of any youth organization or youth-serving organization: One (1) original copy of a certification from the organization that the applicant is an active member for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the application period
  8. Upon receiving a notification of acceptance to the program, the following shall be required from the selected PYs:

a. One (1) original copy of NBI clearance
b. Results of the following medical examinations:

  • Chest x-ray
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecalysis
  • Drug test
  • Psychological exam
  • Pregnancy test (for female participants)

The results of the examinations that the finalists will undergo shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and shall form part of the bases for the confirmation of the participation of PYs in the Pre-Departure Training.

c. Undergo vaccinations for influenza, chickenpox, measles, and other vaccines, as deemed necessary by a physician

Applications for the 47th SSEAYP may be hand-carried, mailed or emailed to the National Youth Commission.

  1. For hand-carried applications, they may be submitted not later than 5:00 pm of 30 March 2020 to: Social Marketing Division, National Youth Commission, 3rd Floor West Insula Building, 135 West Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City, Tel. No.: (02) 8426-8733.

Or to the NYC Area Offices located in Baguio City, Naga City, Cebu City, Iloilo City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan De Oro City, and Davao City (See Annex for the directory of Area Offices).

  • For submissions through mail, the SSEAYP Secretariat should receive the requirements postmarked on or before 30 March 2020, including those submitted at the NYC area offices.
  • Application forms, together with the scanned requirements, may be submitted online to sseayp@nyc.gov.ph on or before 30 March 2020.

E-mails must contain the following Subject format: Region (Region Code/Number) – PY (Surname, First Name)

                                               Examples: Region VI – PY Dela Cruz, Juan

                                                   Region CARAGA – PY Santiago, Maria

* Do not send the application documents in .zip or .rar files.

* Should you choose to submit online, you do not need to send or submit hard copies of your application documents. Applicants with incomplete requirements by 5:00 pm on 30 March 2020 shall automatically be disqualified.