Job Opportunities

(In Compliance with RA 7041)

Deadline of Application: (February 29, 2016)

Position: Administrative Aide V
Item No./SG: NYC-DSWDB-ADA5-22-2004: (SG-05)
Div./Office: Administrative and Finance Division


Elementary School Graduate, experience none required, training none required, must have a Professional driver’s license (MC 11, s. 96-Cat II)


  1. Assists in coordinating the vehicles’ trip schedule;
  2. Registers the agency’s vehicles to LTO, GSIS, and other concerned agencies for insurance;
  3. Drives assigned vehicle during official trips and undertakes minor repair whenever necessary;
  4. Undertakes simple maintenance of assigned vehicle such as cleaning and keeping the fixtures in order;
  5. Checks and records approved trip tickets;
  6. Prepares gasoline withdrawal slips and records vehicle fuel consumption;
  7. Ensures that vehicle is at the designated official parking space before reporting off from work;
  8. Reports and recommends vehicle for repair to the concerned administrative personnel;
  9. Brings for-repair vehicles to automotive shops;
  10. Records in logbook actual itineraries/trips made
  11. Records in logbook vehicle repair and maintenance conducted; and
  12. Performs other related functions as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.


Please indicate your eligibility in your resume and send it at or at Use your surname and the Item no. as subject. Example: Aquino_ ADA5-22-2004.