ABOT-ALAM Program for OSYs

Abot Alam Final Logo (1)Abot-Alam is a nationwide program with the vision of helping our community-based youth through opportunities for education, possible career and employment.
It is a national strategy to organize efforts in integrating programs for our out-of-school youth (OSY).

Abot-Alam is a convergence program that is being undertaken by a consortium of various national government agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs) and institutions under the leadership of DepEd and the National Youth Commission (NYC). It is a national strategy to locate the out-of-school youth (OSY) nationwide who are 15 to 30 years old and who have not completed basic/higher education or who are unemployed, and to mobilize and harmonize programs which will address these OSYs’ needs and aspirations.

Abot-Alam Program aims to reach one million OSYs in 2014 and one million in 2015 and to provide them with appropriate interventions on education, entrepreneurship, or employment.
Objectives of the Abot-Alam Program

1. Come up with a comprehensive database of OSY in the country by creating a national OSY Brgy. targeting system

2. Unify the efforts and resources of all agencies and organizations directed to solving the problem of OSY in the country

3. Ensure that all OSY are reintegrated to their communities through programs and services of the DepEd, TESDA, DOLE, and other agencies and organizations

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