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You are here: What's New NYC Updates Youth Delegates to the 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders Ride PNR Train to Naga City!

Delegates to the 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders Ride PNR Train to Naga City!

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‘Excited’ and ‘awed’ are the words that best describe the delegates to the 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders as they huddle and wait for their train embarkation at the Tutuban, España, and Pasay Road stations. The Parliament is happening in Naga City, Camarines Sur on May 2-6, 2012 and the National Youth Commission (NYC) partnered with the Philippine National Railways (PNR) to transport more than a hundred delegates to Bicol region for free.

Commissioner Gio Tingson, who heads this year’s Parliament of Youth Leaders National Organizing Committee, says the timing of the NYC event fits perfectly well with the revival of the Bicol Express Trains, “Recently lang nang ma-revive ang biyahe ng PNR to Bicol and timing naman na may parliament. Humingi kami ng tulong sa PNR to accommodate the delegates. Siyempre we also want the whole country to know na buhay nang muli ang PNR and it’s better than ever!”

Most of the delegates expect to experience the Hogwarts Express, the mode of transportation to the school of the same name featured in the Harry Potter movies.  Some recall stories told by older relatives of their experience riding the famous Bicol Express.

The 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders is a biennial event where youth leaders from all over the country gather to discuss issues that affect the country today. It is convened by the NYC, the government's policy-making body on youth development and participation. - Sarah Grutas


# Paulo Rodriguez 2012-05-06 15:19
Ang saya sa PNR Train. Feeling namin nasa ferry kami. Tagal ng biyahe.. We understand the PNR Train operator kung bakit tumagal ang biyahe for the sake of safety. Okay lang.. Masaya sa train. Maingay kaming mga NYP Delegates. Pero sa train palang ginagapang na ung kampanyahan para sa NYP Presidency. Wow! Grabe! Pero sa huli, maraming nganga sa performance ng NYP President.
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# rimar 2012-05-24 16:09
are there any reports available to the public about the recently held National Youth Parliament?.,Please inform us if there were so,..and WE HOPE there are.:)
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# Social Marketing 2012-05-28 09:32
Hi Rimar,
We're waiting for the final draft of the activity report to be approved. Once it is approved, we'll upload/post it on NYC's website and Social Media accounts. :-)
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# leomar 2012-06-07 09:50
hope to see all the result of the parliament so we can have our comments and do take our actions thank you very much..
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