NYC’s first Regional Youth Hub opens in Tabuk City, Kalinga

The National Youth Commission (NYC), in its sincere effort to reach out to the youth in the countrysides, endeavors to partner with LGUs and youth organizations to make various services available in regional youth hubs including health services, livelihood programs, leadership trainings, workshops, awareness campaigns and information on all youth-related programs of the government.

Taking the first step in making this happen, NYC partners with the City Government of Tabuk in Kalinga in launching the country’s first regional youth hub in Tabuk City recently.

As conceptualized by NYC Chairperson Usec. Cariza Y. Seguerra, the establishment of youth hubs, which shall serve as one-stop shops for government services and as tambayan or hangout for the youth, is one platform for the youth’s voices to be heard; at the same time for the youth’s issues and concerns to be addressed and that the youth be represented in the government.

Through a resolution, the local government of Tabuk has donated its ABC Building to be the location of the pioneer youth hub in the country. On February 16, Usec. Seguerra, Mayor Ferdinand Tubban and City Vice Mayor Darwin Estrañero led the turn-over ceremony marking the institutionalization of the Tabuk City Youth Hub operations.

“We are very grateful to the Tabuk City government for accepting the challenge of being the first locality to set up a youth hub. Young people today are facing many issues and concerns in the aspects of education, health, environment and participation. That is why it is crucial for us to set up a place for them, especially for out-of-school youth, where they could easily avail the services of the government and productively spend their time,” Seguerra said.

The NYC is set to launch additional youth hubs in various parts of the country this year.

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